Model: EVA
Manufacturer: Spencer
Origin: Italy
Certificates: CE

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Model: EVA

Manufacturer: Spencer

Origin: Italy

Certificates: CE

Eva is a transport chair, dedicated to the transport of patients during rescue, transport and evacuation operations, which presents a lot of novelties. Eva is the result of the research: an integral project which conceptually unites the product’s production process and its formal dimensions. The structural parts and mechanisms are made out of metals already tested in other fields and differenced according to the function of the different components. The texture of the materials is an important characteristic a project like this where mechanical component and a strong personality are recognizable.

1. Outstanding Features

The pivoting front wheels position automatically and on blocking enable the patient to sit without any obstacle. This system guarantees the total silence of the chair.

The central brake, which can be operated with one hand, blocks and unblocks the rear 200 mm diameter wheels.

Armrests covered in PU film.

Seat and backrest are made out of Spentex® ultrasound welded and with graduated padding, which improve the stability and the comfort of the patient.

The ergonomical headrest with variable geometry permits correct immobilising of the patient’s head during transport; even on staircases.

The active pre-tensioner equipped with rubberized fabric caterpillars, guarantees the correct breaking tension on any type of ground surface.

2. Technical Specifications

The foot operated brake applied to the rear wheels, is easy and quick to operate

Front telescopic handles and foldable and lockable rear handles make it easy to lift

Upper handle with integrated headrest and belt for head stabilization

The integrated slide opens easily allowing easy transport on stairs

The automatic locking system significantly shortens the storage time

Footrest and armrests to increase patient comfort

Belts with integrated rewinding system

The integrated carrying handle allows to transport the device in closed position, helping to reach the rescue place faster

Seat and backrest in ABS allow quick and easy cleaning

Seat with slots for additional belts

Self positioning front wheels

Optional EN 1789 fastener

Length opened w/handles closed 910 ± 10 mm

Length opened w/handles opened 1325 ± 10 mm

Length w/handles and slides opened 1400 ± 10 mm

Width w/rear handles closed 550 ± 10 mm

Height w/upper handle closed 950 ± 10 mm

Height w/upper handle opened 1365 ± 10 mm

Seat height 500 ± 10 mm

Seat and backrest width 400 ± 10 mm

Thickness folded 260 ± 10 mm

Rear wheels 150 mm

Front wheels 100 mm

Materials Al, Steel, Nylon

Weight 19 ± 0,5 kg

Loading capacity 170 kg